The Ledbury



Close your eyes and picture a calm residential street with primarily off-white townhouse-like homes. Walk to the end of said street and right on the left corner, imagine there is a restaurant with an unfussy sign announcing its presence. The sign is pleasant enough to warrant an entry as your curiosity grows. Why would a restaurant, rumored to be so refined and adventurous, be tucked away on this street is the question that you are looking to answer. Inside this restaurant, you walk into a bright, airy and yet simple space with clean lines. Dark brown and black hues with bright white overlays to warm your mind and dazzle your eyes. A central and dramatic light fixture with branches extending out from every side begins to tell the story of the meal you are about to consume but however does not nearly encompass what the experience is at the end. Welcome to The Ledbury. Continue reading The Ledbury

Core By Clare Smyth



Let me tell you a fascinating tale about a place where you are transported away to someplace magical. A place that is welcoming and internally warming once you get there. A place that you want to hold on to very tightly and never let go even when your time there is done. For me this place of sinful magic was a restaurant in Notting Hill, Core by Clare Smyth.

I was welcomed on a rather cool night into the warmth of the lounge area of this restaurant. The warmth that I am referring to here references more than the temperature of the room. Continue reading Core By Clare Smyth




In conversations with several friends, it has been mentioned to me on multiple occasions that London has the best Indian food in the world…. even better than in India. As I am constantly in search of the best food, I thought to test that theory with my visit. I chose Benares, a Mayfair restaurant, as my testbed based on recommendations Continue reading Benares

Dinner by Heston Bluementhal



I made it to London and this is my first visit so I am wholeheartedly excited. For my first meal in the city, I decided to pop in to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal for lunch. I had intended to go for the tasting menu for dinner but I could not get a reservation. I was excited nonetheless. I mean it is a meal at a two Michelin star restaurant and as of this writing, No. 36 on the world 50 best restaurants list. In arriving, I had initially forgotten Continue reading Dinner by Heston Bluementhal




Dear Friends,

I am a Manhattanite. I made a pledge to myself when I was younger to work hard so that I can live and work in the big city and well I achieved that goal. To that end, I am in fact one of those people that lives as though there is no life outside of Manhattan. It is wrong, I know (or is it?) and I guess that you can well imagine how hard it is for me to expand my foodie horizons to other boroughs. Expanding my food radar to other states and countries poses no problem but when I think different boroughs well… Alas, I know and understand that good food is not bound to a location Continue reading Blanca