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Angel Share

October 4, 2023


It is easy to walk past Angel Share and never know that it is there. You are on a quiet street in the West Village and there is a metal staircase leading down to a nondescript wooden door. There is no signage on the front or even a number to indicate that you are at the right address. When I entered, I asked if I was at the right place to which I was told yes. There were several patrons that came in after me that asked the same question so I wonder if this is intentional. Upon entering, you sit in a small waiting room waiting to be escorted to the back main area. I was told they were completely full and I could put my name on the list which I did. Lucky me though there was one solo seat available by the bar. That is the beauty of dining alone, you can get in anywhere as there is always that one seat that has been left open.

Please take note that this is a cocktail writeup, the first I have ever done. I find myself drinking a lot of cocktails lately in addition to my go-to wine. On this particular day, the weather was dreadful outside, just pouring rain and I needed a pick me up of cocktails to save the day. This is what brought me out to Angel Share, I had heard about it a couple of times through the grapevine and it was always positive reviews so I figured it would be a perfect day to go in for a visit. Now let us get started on the cocktails.

The first cocktail I had was the Harvest. It is a lavender infused Roku gin with grapefruit, honey, lemon and yogurt. I was not sure what to expect on this one but it had all the ingredients that I would love so I went ahead and ordered it. The floral notes of lavender is very present both on nose and on flavor and there was a smooth silkiness that came with every sip. Interestingly enough, it sips like water and is not too sweet but has that refreshing note that you have after a nice tall glass of water. I could drink this all day.

The next cocktail I had was the Fool me once. It is a coriander-infused tequila cocktail with orange, passionfruit, lime and coconut milk. I ordered this for two reasons, the tequila and the coconut milk. I love both these ingredients but never in my wildest dreams would I combine them into one cocktail so I had to try it. This cocktail comes with a pop tart and the instruction is to take a sip of the cocktail and then take a bite of the pop tart. For me, what stood out here was the scent which was really strong on the nose. However on flavor, it was super smooth and tasted sweet. I am not the biggest fan of sweet so I did have a bit of disappointment on this one but it just boils down to personal preference.   As for the pop tart, it is hollow and it has some sort of spread within it that tastes like marmalade… it was very bright and tropical. I really did not taste the tequila in this cocktail so I believe this is one of those drinks that just sneaks up on you when you have had one to many.

Now I love my cocktails to be STRONG. When I decide to get a cocktail it is because I need immediate gratification to get me to relax. With wine it is a slow burn which can be fine at the end of a somewhat peaceful day but today I wanted to “get there” quickly. That is why I ordered the Serenade. It is a mezcal cocktail with plum wine and it was VERY smoky with a nice burn to finish! This is the kind of cocktail that you have to pause after one sip to let it settle so your palate gets used to it before continuing your exploration. This cocktail was what I had been waiting for all night. It also had rich Mexican dark chocolate flavors for eons, it was just like it never ended. I felt like I was sipping a devilishly rich and thick hot chocolate even though I was actually sipping a cocktail. I loved this cocktail so much that I had three of them. I was going to ask for a fourth but I was starting to feel sleepy and sway so I threw in the towel and decided to start heading home

So that was my first visit to Angel Share and it definitely will not be my last. This is also my first cocktail post and I hope you enjoyed it. There will be a lot more going forward.

One last note here is to follow me on Instagram (@nycfoodieadventures) as things are getting quite hectic for me across all my different jobs. I still want to share my wonderful experiences with you all so that will probably be a bit more active than this will be. Never fear though, I will ALWAYS write but it just might be less frequently than I do now.

Ok now, go drink… bye!

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