It is quiet. It is white. It portrays the essence of tranquility. An unexpected but essential welcome to this magnificent restaurant located in Milan. It is a little tricky to get to its location given that its physical address does not drop you off at the right entrance with an Uber. You have to walk about two (2) blocks first and then around to a back area where there are other spaces. The entire area feels like an office compound with a large parking lot down the middle. All this gave me pause as I walked to the restaurant but then there is the warm, bright and delightfully white welcome of the space. The basis of my choice of this restaurant was because of the captivating way that chef told stories about his menus and ingredients on his website. “Taglienti racconta taglienti is my personal narrative but it is also a game, a memory game, a succession of tastes and emotions, memories, perfumes, our cultural hinterland, our inheritage that finally meets evolution”. It has been a long time that I have heard such passionate words used to describe food and more so words that moved me and increased my desire to taste said menu. The same passionate nature of his words on the site were exemplified throughout the meal with the presentation of cards, keywords and detailed spoken descriptions which shared the stories of creativity and innovation that led to the creation of each dish placed in front of me. 

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Midtown Manhattan can be cold and corporate with its high rises housing the financial institutions amongst other corporate entities. A central place for the career focused and hardworking people of my home. Given that, the location of a fine dining institution here can seem a little bit odd. Certainly, it can be said that this restaurant can participate is the grand scheme of business meetings and after work drinks but its ambience does not evoke an environment made for such. A stone’s throw from the corner of 55th street and park avenue is where you will find Aquavit, a Scandinavian restaurant seeking to give you an escape from the very nature of the area and of its location.

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New York, NY


It was a dream come true to eat at Atera in Tribeca, NYC for me. In their small, beautiful and intimate dining room with clear line of sight of the kitchen, the experience was one to remember. The welcome to the restaurant is by two attendants right by the door, waiting attentively as one enters the space to take coats and additionally presenting holders for bags and phones. I found the staff is very attentive and friendly in a more relaxed and natural manner than I have experienced in my adventures. I even got the chefs to stop and pose for a photo which I found entertaining since they were prepping for a full house for the night. It is in fact the little things that mean the most to me as I have mentioned in posts past. L’Appart has what I would consider to be the most similar welcome home feel that I experienced here. Continue reading Atera

The Ledbury



Close your eyes and picture a calm residential street with primarily off-white townhouse-like homes. Walk to the end of said street and right on the left corner, imagine there is a restaurant with an unfussy sign announcing its presence. The sign is pleasant enough to warrant an entry as your curiosity grows. Why would a restaurant, rumored to be so refined and adventurous, be tucked away on this street is the question that you are looking to answer. Inside this restaurant, you walk into a bright, airy and yet simple space with clean lines. Dark brown and black hues with bright white overlays to warm your mind and dazzle your eyes. A central and dramatic light fixture with branches extending out from every side begins to tell the story of the meal you are about to consume but however does not nearly encompass what the experience is at the end. Welcome to The Ledbury. Continue reading The Ledbury

Core By Clare Smyth



Let me tell you a fascinating tale about a place where you are transported away to someplace magical. A place that is welcoming and internally warming once you get there. A place that you want to hold on to very tightly and never let go even when your time there is done. For me this place of sinful magic was a restaurant in Notting Hill, Core by Clare Smyth.

I was welcomed on a rather cool night into the warmth of the lounge area of this restaurant. The warmth that I am referring to here references more than the temperature of the room. Continue reading Core By Clare Smyth